About Us

Name of Organization                  : Habigonj Association, Dhaka
Year of Establishment                  : 1972
Category of Organization             :  it s a non-political,      non-profitable, secular and non-
                                                             government voluntary social development organization. 
Legal Status                                    :  Habigonj Association, Dhaka is registered with the
                                                             Directorate of Social Services of the Government of
                                                            Bangladesh under Ordinance of 46 of 1961 vide Regd. No:
                                                             Dha 02019/1987 
Our Advisors                                     : Mr. Advocate Mahbub Ali M.P

                                                              State Minister, Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism.       

                                                              Mr. Advocate Abu Zahir M.P

                                                              Mr.Gazi Md. Shanewaz M.P

                                                             Mr. Abdul Mazid Khan M.P.

 President                                           :Prof. Dr. Kamrul Hasan Tarafder

General Secretary                             :Dr. Syed Shah Amran


Liaison Office Address                   :Takwa General Hospital
                                                           15, New Eskaton Roard ( 3rd Floor) , Dhaka.                                     Contact Person                     : Proshanto Kumar Deb

                                                              Mobile # 01920 326399                                                                                           Email:                    rayhan8484@gmail.com


Background of the Organization               
: Being a non political , non profitable and voluntary social organization it was established in Dhaka city by a group of eminent, respected, well-reputed and high profile personalities of Habigonj district who were residing in Dhaka city. It should be mentioned with deep respect that Mr. A.K. Azad Chowdhury , Syed Shafiqur Rahman, Dewan Mousud Ahmed and others established this organization in 1972. But it was registered in 1987. This organization was incepted with few significant aims, such as–
-To maintain and develop good relations among the people of Habigonj district living in Dhaka.
-Creating opportunities to stand by each other in any need and work towards that goal.
-Standing by the side of Habigonj district residents who are relatively indigent, unemployed and miserable in times of emergency
Vision                                                             :
Habigonj Association, Dhaka aspires for a society free from starvation, oppression and exploitation, where every individual  will live in peace and communal harmony by enjoying the rightful share of the resources belonging to the society and able to enjoy their basic rights.
To ensure participation of every potential  and experienced social activists and stakeholders, all executive members, capable and solvent citizens of Habigonj district to empower poor, distressed & vulnerable  people, eradicate illiteracy and poverty, prevent dowry and childhood marriage, improve health nutrition and financial status of rural deprived people of Habigonj district.

Objective :

Broad Objective:
The main objective of this organization is to implement all possible activities for the welfare of Habiganj district residents living in Dhaka and living in 9(nine) upazilas of Habiganj district.
Specific Objectives:
The specific objectives of this organization are mentioned below:
  1. To maintain and develop good relations among the people of Habiganj district living in Dhaka and abroad.
  2. Creating opportunities to stand by each other in any need and work towards that goal.
  3. Standing by the side of ultra-poor people, people relatively indigent, unemployed and miserable in times of emergency wi cash and kind support procured from members of this organization, solvent and generous citizens of Habigonj district living Dhaka city, 9(nine) upazilas of the district, Europe, America, Canada, Middle-east and other countries.
  4. To provide possible assistance for the treatment of indigent patients of 9(nine) upazilas of Habiganj district.
  5. To provide financial assistance or scholarships for the higher education of meritorious children of 9(nine) upazilas of Habiganj district
  6. Maintain intensive liaison with district administration , public representatives and other stakeholders.
  7. Involve and engage trained Imams of mosques, youth force, local Community Based Organizations (CBOs), sports clubs, cultural organizations, educational institution managing committees of Habigonj district in prevention of COVID-19, dowery, child marriage, domestic violence against women, bullying on school and college goning girls.
  8. Organize or conduct personal health and hygiene education programmes, adolescent girls Reproductive Health education programme, organize training programmes for Traditional Birth Attendants ( TBAs) in upazila and district level with technical support from District Health Department & Family Plannig Department of Habigonj.
  9. Organize Career Counselling for job seekers of Habigonj district and cooperate them with recent Job Circulars and and guidance to prepare C.V/ Resume.
     10.To recognize citizens of Habigonj district for outstanding achievements nationally                  and internationally by arrange public-reception, offering flower bouquets and sending             “Thanks Letter”  to them. ect
  1. Organize re-unions, annual picnics, Iftar mahfils with respected citizens of Habigonj district , who are residing in Dhaka city.
Funding Sources                                     
1. :President, General Secretary and Executive Members contribution
2. Donation from Individuals ( from home and abroad)
( Not received as yet)
3.Donation from Corporate Sector
( Not received as yet)
Execution & Management                       
:Habigonj Association, Dhaka adopts decentralized                                                       participatory management system. The General Council,                                                    supreme authority of this organization.
Executive Committee is elected  3- yearly out of General Council for executing    organization’s policies and decisions  made by General Committee. All the policies of this organization and decisions of General Committee are implemented by sub-committee
headed by Convener of respective sub-committee and under guidance and intensive supervision of the President and General Secretary General Secretary acts as the Chief Executive, who is responsible for overall program implementation, correspondence, liaison and conducting meetings in   consultation with the President.
Habigonj Association, Dhaka  always undertake need based  programs and ensure active participation of all Executive  members in programme designing and implementation.
Responsibilities of President, Vice-Presidents, General Secretary and Treasurer:
  1. President:
  2. He maintains liaison with Advisors of this organization, administration and other stakeholders, prospective donors and ensures convening of meetings of the Advisory Committee, donors, Executive Committee as well as the sub-committees and presides over general and executive committee meetings.
  3. He keeps sharp watch over the activities of the organization in all places, as if they are being conducted properly as per the constitution.
  4. He supervises the duties of the General Secretary , as if these are conducted properly.
  5. He can direct the General Secretary to convene meeting . He himself may call meeting at need.
  6. He can propose to nominate or co-opt persons, from among the distinguished persons, as members of the Executive Committee for two years and fill up any post being vacant before expiry of the term. But it has to be approved in the General Committee meetings.
  7. He will operate Bank Accounts and sign all types of cheaques jointly with the General Secretary or Finance Secretary and keep watch over the overall and as per expenditure of the funds of the organization.
  8. He will remain competent to defray expenses as determined by the Executive Committee from time to time. But it has to be approved in the Executive Committee meetings.
  9. In the case of equality of votes while taking decision on proposals over some issue raised in the meeting of the General and Executive Committee ,he will have competency for casting vote and in case of any question or difference of opinion issuing out of any explanation as to any article of constitution, his explanation will be deemed as final
  10. He will be able to cancel the membership of any member under allegations with support of two thirds of the total members of the board in special situation in the interests of the foundation.
  11. Vice Vice–Presidents: The organization will be operated by the Vice-President  in the absence of the President, according to the decision of the Vice-President, Member Secretary and other executive members.
  12. General Secretary:The General Secretary discharges his duties for implementation of aims and objectives of the organization according to decisions of the General and Executive Committee or the directives of the President.
          He is also empowered to maintain liaison and communicate with respected Advisors             of this organization, administration, donors, well wishers , suppliers and stakeholders.
         He is empowered to issue notice for meeting of the General and Executive Committee           and arrange all ancillary matters of the meeting as per approval of the president.
         He writes down all the decisions taken up in the meetings, keep records of the                         organization, documents, maintain all properties and implement decisions.
        He is responsible to prepare and publish Annual Report on the activities of the                        organization decided by Executive Committee and in consultation with the president.
       Usually he signs all cheques jointly with the President and places the Annual Audit                 Report before the meeting of the General Committee after getting the Annual Income-           Expenditure accounts duly audited by an auditor or Audit Firm nominated by the                      Executive Committee
        Treasurer/ Finance Secretary: He is empowered to sign cheaques with the president .
        Responsible for keeping accounts of the organization
        Preparing Financial report of the organization and programmes and share with                        president and general secretary to get approved in the General Committee and                         Executive   Committee meetings.
        He has sole authority to perform internal audit of income and expenditures in                           consultation with president and general secretary.
        He is empowered to collect local quotations, call tenders and make local purchases as          per decision of the executive committee and form tender or quotation scrutiny                         committee in consultation with the president and general secretary.
Bank Account Operation:
Bank Accounts of the organization is opened by President, General Secretary and Treasurer/Finance Secretary of the executive committee under their joint signatures and operated by President and  General Secretary or President and  Finance Secretary. President’s signature is must.

Maintaining Accounts of Organization:

Descriptions of all incomes and expenditures of the Organization have to be preserved in one or more accounting registers.
President or the General Secretary will make arrangements for intimation of matters to any member or life member willing to know about the financial conditions of the organization.
Bank Account Details                               :A/C Nname: Habigonj Association, Dhaka
                                                                        A/C No: SB 0463010016941
                                                                        Bank Name: Rupali Bank Ltd.
                                                                        Branch Name: Shyamoli Branch, Dhaka.
                                                                        Swift Code:
 bkash No: 01927697507  (Treasurer Mr. Ripon Kabir Laskar) it’s also his mobile number.
Audit of Accounts:
Audit of all incomes and expenditures of the organization have to be audited at least every two years.by an Audit Firm nominated by the Executive Committee and which is approved by the government.
We believe……………………………………
  • Illiteracy, ignorance and unconsciousness are barriers to personal and social development.
  • People have rights to life, employs and livelihood irrespective of gender, class, cast and religion.
  • Human dignity and justice are essential.
  • Natural ability and capacity of people.
  • Accountability and transparency in all action.
  • Participation constituent pro-people development.
  • Acknowledgement and appreciation are the building blocks of motivation.
Following cultural practices inclined to ensure the act of holding overt values
We practice……………………………………
  • Respect to others opinion.
  • Transparent and accountable to all level (Horizontal and vertical).
  • Participation from planning to evaluation.
  • Delegation of work.
  • Respect to the decision of the stakeholders and people.
  • Acknowledging innovation and challenge.
  • Healthy communication with all pertinent groups.
  • Maintain free flow of communication.
  • Trust on the actions of team members and program participants.
  • Ensure equal opportunity for people irrespective of age and gender, class and cast.
  • Appropriate and effective use of all policies, rules and regulations of the organization.
Zero tolerance to any act against rights & dignity and financial corruption.