Privacy Policy

Our organization’s name is Habigonj Association, Dhaka. It’s a legally registered non government voluntary social development entity. This organization is not sister concern of any social or business company in Bangladesh. Our Contact information: Md Shafiqul Islam Ryhan Office Secretary Mobile no: 01711030046 Email: We collected data and will update these from free sources available , which will be uploaded in our website without copying permission. We collected data and will collect data by our own searching team without annoying anybody, without making any sort of loss of anyone or any organization. We collected and will collect data for sharing with our organization’s members and other citizens of Bangladesh free of costs User’s can read our uploaded data freely or without fee in anytime, can use in not for profitable purposes, but mentioning our courtesy. Our uploaded data is sharable with any third party without costs and for making feedback as and when possible to them We will retain the uploaded data for the time we think necessary. We will protect the data collected and uploaded in our website by locking for the time we think necessary. In case of dispute resolution, current concerned laws of Bangladesh will be applicable and the Courts in Dhaka city will be the first judging authority. The courts outside Dhaka city also may allow filing and initiate judging any dispute related to our website. The current Executive Committee possess ownership of our website on behalf of all the members of Habigonj Association, Dhaka. The next Executive Committee also will possess ownership of our website , after they would take responsibilities of our organization