I should mention with deep respect, among the other founders of this organization, Mr. A.K. Azad Chowdhury,Syed Shafiqur Rahman , Dewan Moudud Ahmed and other eminent personalities. Thanks and gratitude to them for establishing this organization.
You will be happy to know that Habiganj Association, Dhaka was established with the aims –
8To develop and maintain good relationship among the people of Habigonj district living in Dhaka.
8Creating opportunities to stand by each other in any need and work towards that goal.
8Standing by the side of Habigonj district residents who are relatively indigent, unemployed and miserable in times of emergency
8Creating opportunities to stand by each other in any need and work towards that goal.
 To resolve the problems of Habiganj’s expatriate workers in abroad, through drawing attention of the government’s concerned authorities.
o provide financial assistance for the treatment of the hardcore poor and disadvantaged patients of Habiganj.
 Providing scholarship to insolvent and talented students of the district for higher education .
I am pleased to mention that, after taking over responsibilities, the current executive committee of Habigonj Association , Dhaka——
provided Cash supports during on-going COVID-19 pandemic to mentionable numbers of jobless and distressed people of different upazilas of Habigonj in 2020 and 2021.
Some people also have been provided financial help for treatment.
Before the past Eid-ul-Fitr, financial assistance has been provided for a large number of relatively poor Muslim families in different upazilas of Habiganj district.
We distributed blankets among mentionable numbers of families during winter in 2020.
Habiganj Association, Dhaka already donated  8 oxygen concentrated and 20 oxygen cylinders
In the hospitals of Habigonj district , especially upazila Health Complexes in 2021, which are given with voluntary donations of the honored leaders of the Executive Committee and grants from some sources outside this organization. For this, I would like to thank all of the concerned voluntary donors for their praiseworthy support.
We are expecting donations from kindhearted solvent citizens of Habigonj to help the poor patients of 9(nine) upazilas of Habigonj for their treatment of severe diseases.
We want to launch scholarships to complete the higher education of insolvent and meritorious students of 9(nine) upazilas of the district.
For this, we are expecting donation as much as possible to all concerned.
As you know, many aged poor people  are in different villages of our 9(nine) upazilas, who need or have to buy medicines to survive. But they are unable to purchase life saving medicines. In  most cases,  due to financial crisis, families deny treatment of older member of the family and purchase medicines for them . We are thinking of providing monthly financial assistance of amount Tk. 1000/- to each poor patient’s treatment.
We know, there are many more kindhearted citizens of Habigonj district  in home and abroad who have been earning good income , mentionable numbers are doing good businesses in the country, many of our relatives and friends are doing high-paying jobs . They may kindly donate monthly Tk.1000/- for one or more poor patients.
Besides, There are  mentionable numbers of hardcore poor patients have been suffering from severe diseases. But it’s  impossible for them to be treated by spending huge amount of money .
We have plans to provide them with financial assistance. We would  request everyone concerned to come forward to implement this plan.
It is not possible for this organization alone. If we get possible support from all of you, then we can do a lot. Many of you have already dontaed in different areas and issues of development in Habiganj district. Many of you established religious institutions and  educational institutions. Many children have been able to get educated with your money, many more have been able to make career with your kind support, many patients have been treated with your money, many have been able to improve livelihood quality.
So,most humbly I would request you all, let us together continue to try to stand beside the poor of 9(nine) upazilas of our district with all possible support
I do cordially believe,Respected public representatives of Habiganj , administration , respected people of Habiganj living in different parts of the country and residing abroad, local elites, social workers, journalist and all stakeholders will extend and continue support to Habiganj Association , Dhaka as far as possible.
I hope, the respected colleagues of the organization’s executive committee will cooperate as much as possible in carrying out my duties and keep continue their own sincere role in implementing the purpose of the organization in  future.
Finally, expressing my heartiest gratitude to all of our supporters, advisors and  executive members and also thanking you all.
Allah Hafez
Professor Dr. Kamrul Hasan Tarafdar
Habigonj Association , Dhaka