Dr. Syed Shah Amran

Dr.Syed  Shah Amran was born in 1974 in village Belghar of Madhabpur upazila of Habiganj district.  He is the fourth of five siblings.  His other four siblings are Syeda Fatema Begum, Syed Ashraf Ali, Syeda Nazma Begum and Syeda Asma Begum respectively.  His father, the late Syed Hossain Ali (1919-2008), was most pious man.  Mr. Amran has a reputation for being extremely talented. Dr. Syed Shah Amran’s mother is Chowdhury Shahana Begum.

Commandant Manik Chowdhury MNA, MP, who received the Independence Medal, the organizer of the Liberation War, the shining star of the mother’s lineage.  His brother Afzal Chowdhury is a famous writer.  Syed Shah Amran’s grandfather Syed Ahmad Ali (1878 — 1931) used to teach in Jagadishpur Primary School.  He died in 1931 at the age of 53.

Academic Background:

Mr. Amran completed his primary education from Jagadishpur Primary School and passed Dakhil (SSC) with distinction from Itakhola Alia Madrasa.  He later passed Alim (HSC) from Habiganj Alia Madrasa and was admitted in BA at Brindabon College. He completed B, A (Hons) first class and M.A from Dhaka University. Later he earned an MBA degree from Atish Dipankar University of Science and Technology and an LLB from the National University.  He obtained a PhD from Dhaka University for his thesis “The Role of OIC in establishing Peace in the World”.

Service Life:

Dr. Syed Shah Amran joined the Islamic Foundation in 2001 as an assistant director.  He held various government posts including Deputy Director of Islamic Foundation’s Habiganj District Office, Deputy Director (Administration) of Imam Training Academy, Deputy Project Director (Administration) of Mosque Based Children and Mass Education Program, Deputy Director Research Department, Private Secretary of the Secretary of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Director Publication of Islamic foundation. He served in the position of Project Director of the second phase of the Islamic Foundation’s Islamic Book Publishing Program under the Ministry of Religious Affairs.  At the same time, he was the editor of the monthly creative magazine ‘Agrapathik’. He is currently serving as the director library of the Islamic Foundation.

Earlier He joined the project titled “History and Document of Liberation war” in Bangla Academy and articulated the role of Habigonj district in liberation war.  He is the Narrator the of Life history famous saint Hazrat HazratKebla Shah Mohammad Ahsan  (R ) of Mashurikhola Darbar Sharif,of Dhaka,He was  the great Reformer(Mujaddid)  of the thirteenth century.
He married Hafiza Zaman (Sumi), the grandson of above mentioned saint( Oli) and the only daughter of the present Gaddinshin Pir and Mutawalli Hazrat Shah Muhammad Asanuzzaman (M,A,).

Other Activities:

He is a calligrapher and researcher.  His research topics are Islam, Bangladesh, especially biographical literature, literature, development, international peace, politics and international organizations. mentionable among his published books are,

  1. Bir Muktijuddha Commandant Manik Chowdhury: 2005, Sylhet Division                    Development Council, Dhaka.
  2. Context Nazrul: 2010, Jhingaful publication,
  3. Imam in Development: 2015, Islamic Foundation, Dhaka.
  4. Organization for Islamic Cooperation: 2015, Islamic Foundation,

  5.Bangladesh and OIC: 2018, Islamic Foundation, Dhaka.
  6. Islamic Terminology: 2018 Islamic Foundation, Dhaka.

 7.Educational Philosophy of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, 2020,                  History   publication
Many books have been published under the editorship of Dr. Syed Shah Amran. 
Some of them are:

   1. Islam in the Prevention of Domestic Violence: 2011, USAID and others.

   2.Imamat 2013, Imam training Academy, Islamic Foundation

   3.Miladunnabi Memorial: 2018, Islamic Foundation.

   4. Spokesperson for National Trained Imams: 2014, Islamic Foundation.

  5. HazratKebla Shah Moh: Ahsanullah  (R:) Memorial Book: 2020 Ahsania                     Complex.

He is also the author of “Banglapedia” of Asiatic Society. “Al-Quranul Karim and Short Encyclopedia” of Islamic Foundation.  He was the co-author of the Habigonj chapter of the “Documents and History Project of the Liberation War of Bangladesh” adopted by the Regional history of Liberation War.  He has published several research articles in various national and international journals.  He has published poems on contemporary issues in various journals.  For professional reasons he toured India, Thailand, Malaysia, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.  She has already made a name for herself as a talk show host on TV channels and radio.  He performed the holy Hajj and Umrah.  At last he served being the member of Hajj management team as a member of the Hajj Administrative Team in 2019 of the Ministry of religious affairs of the people’s republic of the Bangladesh.

 In addition to his job, Syed Shah Amran is involved in various social and cultural organizations.  He is a Life member Madhabpur Association Dhaka, Life member of Jalalabad Association, Dhaka. Life member of Heart Foundation Habigonj, Life member of Dhaka University Alumni Association,  Elected General Secretary of Habiganj  Association;Dhaka, and General Secretary of Ahsania Complex;Dhaka.
During his student life he was engage many social organization including the Student Convener of Sylhet Bibhag Unnayan Parishad and President of the Habigonj Student Association of Dhaka University.  He is also involved in the establishment and management of some educational and religious institutions